It is theoretically possible to have blue and tan from all the combinations except pink x pink. Blue grizzle and blue sable are possible too. We will never get a true "red" from black&tan x black&tan breeding, and if we do anyway, we should check if it is darker tan ee and if not, its parentage should be tested.

Coat Colors in Norwich Terriers

  1. red x red =

  2. red x black&tan =

  3. red x wheaten =

  4. red x pink =

  5. black&tan x black&tan =

  6. black&tan x wheaten =

  7. black&tan x pink =

  8. grizzle x grizzle =

  9. pink x pink =

  10. wheaten x wheaten*

black&tan, blue&tan,  grizzle, pink, red, wheaten

black&tan, blue&tan, grizzle, pink, red, wheaten

black&tan, grizzle, pink, red, wheaten

black&tan, pink, red

black&tan, blue&tan, pink

black&tan, black&wheaten, pink, red, wheaten

black&tan, pink, red

grizzle, black&tan (red)


black&wheaten, wheaten, wheaten-grizzle

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The following colors are accepted by the standard:

All shades of red, wheaten, black and tan or grizzle. White marks or patches are undesirable.

Many breeders do not correctly register the colors red, wheaten, grizzle and pink born red (pinkie).

In England and the USA the pinkies are registered as red or red-wheaten but often their name includes the word pink, rose or golden like ‚Ragus Golden Chip‘. That is why it is very difficult or even impossible to evaluate colors statistically.

It was Liisa Sarakontu from Finland who helped me with color genetics. She is a hobby geneticist and has published some articles on color genetics - her site:

Below are matings and the colors that could result out of it :

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